Irish Rebellion

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A rare print of republican Thomas Ashe
ASHE, Thomas. A Story that will Never Die

ASHE, Thomas. A Story that will Never Die. Died for Ireland September 25th, 1917. The story of Ashe’s life and death, told in mainly blank verse, circa 350 lines set in four columns with a portrait of Ashe, the whole within black borders, image circa 48 x 34.5cms, verso blank, no publisher named, circa 1917. […]

FENIANS 1867-1917. Leaders of Men in the Fenian Movement

67 Golden Jubilee. Poster print, image 40.5 x 25.5cms, verso blank, supplement to the Weekly Freeman, St. Patrick’s Day, March 17 1917, showing cameo portraits of nine Fenian leaders centred around James Stephens, also including John O’Leary, Kickham, Colonel Bourke, O’Donovan Rossa etc., within a Celtic-style border. Fine copy, strongly mounted on backing board behind […]